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Specialises in graphic design, visual identity, editorial design and digital design for the arts and culture sector. With a strong focus on research and typography we work to suit our clients’ needs. We are open to all types of creative projects and interested in anything that could be a source of inspiration.
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Stefano Rocca
Born in Turin, he founded LeskGraphic-Studio in 2012 after studying graphic design and visual communication at Politecnico di Torino. With a passion for print, typography and editorial design within art culture, he considers graphic design a form of unconditional and free expression.

Rachel Bullock
Originally from the UK, Rachel has studied graphic design at Kingston University and Politecnico di Milano, she has worked in various studios in London and is now collaborating with LeskGraphic-Studio. She enjoys curating content and has a passion for brand identity, editorial design and film.
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