LeskGraphic-Studio Graphic Design & Typography

God Bless New Season Café, Hollie Smith
Catalogue, 64 pages, 148 × 210 mm
May 2017

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50 Typefaces is a publication inspired by 50 font families. The fonts come alive in illustration, drawn by Italian artist Alessio Fioriniello, who created the fonts into imaginary characters.

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Publication documenting people on their breaks in the chaotic city of Shanghai captured by photographer Matteo Catanese.
Limited edition of 50 copies.

"Looking out the window, dreaming or finding themselves existing". OverOltrePlus is a publication developed in collaboration with the Italian artist Alessio Fiorniello.

"Abbecedario" is one of the 9 winners of the Typomania video contest 2016. The competition of typographical videos is one of the key events of the Typomania festival.
Moscow/Fabrika 28 — 29 May 2016.

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Luigi and his daughter Sabrina, both established artists in their own right, come face to face with their own story in a diary which only seems to be personal - but inside we find paintings with a universal reach, using icons, myths and references taken straight from the “Made in the USA” story.

A tribute to American pop artist Roy Fox Lichtenstein (pronounced /ˈlɪktənˌstaɪn/; October 27, 1923 – September 29, 1997). Digital Print 35x50, limited edition of 50 copies.

The “Graphic designer’s vademecum” is a pocket handbook that collects the main topics and notions about graphic design: typography, color theory, document setup, printing systems, finishing touches and brief organisation. The handbook is a book for graphic design students and contains both analytical/ descriptive section and technical terms. The pocket GdVademecum is handy for students, allowing readers to move through different topics and notions quickly and easily. Developed in collaboration with Fabio Lorusso.

Elisa Crosetto was born in Italy in 1988. Currently works and lives in Basel-Switzerland. elisacrosetto.com

What would happen if Dante Alighieri had a smartphone? Reflection on the role of modern communication - less words, fast replies. How are smartphones changing our language?

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Arrange is a t-shirt collection commissioned by Livingstone Paint Factory – Print Art Studio. The classic cut, unisex T-shirts are printed with high quality water based inks. Prints developed in collaboration with Pietro Vallome and Elisa Crosetto.

Silkscreen posters printed in limited edition. Design and promotional game development.

Promotional poster. Digital Print 35x50, limited edition of 50 copies.