God Bless New Season Café – Hollie Smith

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Peckham is a district located in South East London which is often associated with crime, violence and the well known English comedy series ‘Only Fools and Horses’. To this day it remains one of London’s most lively and notorious boroughs and is home to a large African and Caribbean community as well as a thriving creative scene. The heart of the district is known as Rye Lane, which carves a long and winding path down the center of Peckham. Here you can find chicken shops, glitzy hair salons, one pound stores and reggae booths playing soulful Jamaican tunes. The dynamic district is unique in the fact that it draws many cultures and personalities all to one place. To walk down Rye Lane is to open your senses to a rich kaleidoscope of African prints, exotic aromas and cheap and cheerful shops. This publication aims to pay homage to the vibrant community and generous figures who were willing to take part in this photographic series. All of the photos printed in this book aim to build an alternative map of Rye Lane by showcasing the people of Peckham and the individual details which are distinctive to the area.




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